Speech Consulting for Presenters

icon-speechMany people fear public speaking more than death. You can have the reassurance of individual coaching to present a wonderful speech. Whether you will address a family gathering, a work group, a judge, or a large organization, I can help you with writing and editing your speech, adding body language, props, or vocal variety, and getting comfortable with a microphone.

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“Amazing Maggie. She knows her stuff! I recently used Maggie’s services to assist me in the preparation of a speech. In short order, she clarified my thoughts, created a powerful opening and close, and through her questions, helped to create a more compelling content. The result? An amazing speech, one that I feel confident and proud about presenting. Maggie does not need to have knowledge about your particular subject or field. With her coaching, she helps you to get to the essence of what you want to say so that your listener becomes engaged.” — Kathy Burnett, Realtor

“Maggie Knowles recently consulted with me regarding an important five-minute professional speech that was presenting huge challenges for me. The speaking venue lacked the capability for electronic back up with Power Point slides or video, and I had considerable fear about speaking in front of a large audience. Maggie was a great coach! She advised me in all aspects of preparation and delivery, including tips to overcome fear of public speaking, help with editing, and focusing on the most important points, and actions to follow in preparing for the day of the presentation. Maggie also videoed me and provided expert advice on voice and body improvements. The result was a presentation that really hit the mark and appealed to my audience on an emotional level. I enthusiastically recommend Maggie for this type of coaching due to her professionalism, her extensive speaking and improv background and her genuine empathy for others.” — Susan Coupe