Personal & Small Business Bookkeeping

icon-book-keepingIf you are too busy to do your own books, I can maintain your QuickBooks files, reconcile your accounts, and prepare monthly reports. I can also organize your bill-paying and budgeting.  Payroll service and tax preparation are not included.

If you are divorced and struggling to learn how to handle money, I can help you get organized, stay on top of your bills, and develop practical habits for good financial stewardship and peace of mind.

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“Maggie puts our bills in order by due date, reconciles our bank accounts in QuickBooks, and prepares a report showing what we owe to whom, when it’s due, and when we are best positioned to pay it. Her expertise has made all the difference in keeping our financial records organized and easily accessible.” — Mary Anderson, Realtor

“It gives me so much peace of mind to know that Maggie is minding my books. I trust her completely. She is fun to work with, and she wows me with her ability to accomplish what I would be unable to do nearly as well on my own: keep meticulous records of my business’s finances. What a relief! Maggie also works seamlessly with other professionals and has a clear sense of her role and how it complements the role of the accountant. Maggie is intuitive and experienced with small business, and is therefore able to offer sound guidance for budgeting and general business planning — on top of being an ace bookkeeper.” Angeline Johnston, Owner, Richmond Beach Yoga