Money Coaching

“Put Your Money Where Your Heart Is”

icon-moneycoachingIf you’re like most people you would rather give yourself a root canal than face your financial situation. You can stop worrying about money. Take small, practical actions instead. Learn how to be mindful about your priorities and your spending. Acquire smart compassion for yourself and a sense of humor about your money. Put your money where your heart is — not where your exhaustion and your impulses drive you!

Money Coaching Services:

For individuals and couples:

  • Initial visit in person or by phone/Skype (90 minutes)
  • Follow-up visits as needed (60 – 90 minutes)
  • Ongoing coaching and support (varies)

For organizations and groups:

  • Face Your Money Honey interactive workshops with improv (45 – 60 minutes)
    • “Tiny Financial Habits for a Bigger Life”
    • “We Are So Funny About Our Money”
  • Face Your Money Honey speeches (time varies)
    • “Face Your Money Honey”
    • “Money on the Brain”
    • “Who’s Got the Money and Why?”


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“Maggie Knowles helped me and my husband determine whether we could afford to have him stay home and care for our new baby. Maggie guided us through a delicate process of discernment in considering our budget priorities where, of course, we weren’t completely in alignment with each other. Her sensitively posed questions and ability to hold the space for us while we confronted difficult feelings helped us to speak openly about the emotions around our finances, which paved the way for a budget plan that we could both accept. Maggie’s work with us has helped us to live in alignment with our priorities, and peacefully so.” –Heather Hastings, MPH, CDC

“I just completed a financial transaction in support of my long-term financial health, and I never would have done it without your help and guidance! First, I used my tax refund to pay off my student loan. Then I took the amount I used to pay to the loan and am now putting it into retirement funds through work. I am even putting a little extra — above and beyond the old loan amount — into retirement savings. Un-believable. ” –Kelly H.

“My life had become, at times, a less than joyful series of costly choices that were no longer congruent with my values, desires, and dreams. I was living someone else’s cool life – and my life felt like it was no longer my own. Maggie helped me to step back, see the entire picture and sort out liability from opportunity. I feel like a new person. Thank you, Maggie!” — Career woman in transition

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